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HRD International provides a one stop solution for people who wish to run a successful business by engaging directly with us. We work closely with our members to make them successful in business. We provide you with a complete easy solution. From training to the ideal module that best suits you. Plus the fantastic industry support system that we provide you, too.

We are all about harnessing the potential in people and modelling that potential into a successful business. We constantly seek and work closely, with our member associates,  to grow and do business with us. Associates are self employed consultants. We make it easy for almost anyone (with or without business experience), to start and run their own successful business from almost, any part of the world.

Our specialist Business Consultants provide extensive support across many sectors, including ICT, human resources development, Information Technology, business development, specialist business services, productivity improvement, business management consultancy, education,  Entrepreneurship mentoring, business training, workforce development, e-Learning,  and business support.

We empower our members with tips and resources, on making the best choices with our in depth knowledge. We get you started on the right foot to your own successful business and financial independence.

We are a B2B company, therefore, as a member and an associate, you will be self employed and in total control of when you work or where you work from.

It is vital that, you have enthusiasm for success. We have it all sourced out, so you can gain from our insight and knowledge.

We set-up you up quickly, and arm you with resources plus you get useful tips and training, so you can be a great success. After all, your success is our success.

You will be partnering with knowledgeable people to grow in the world of branding, marketing and sales. If you like marketing, selling, or to work flexibly, this is the platform for you. You just have to have determination, professionalism  and dedication. Even if you have no experience, we will get you there quicker than you realise.




HRD International Limited started with international consulting with a goal and vision to transform entrepreneurship and aid many men and women run successful business in Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia. And recently venturing into few parts of North America and South East Asia.  Our – to enrich and unify our associate partners and business owners, for the greater good and successful daily running and support of business.


We want to provide business resources backed by our in-depth experience and our experts to help you, run and succeed in your business.  We make the process affordable and accessible,  with the most intuitive and feature-rich resources in our application and services, towards empowering our users by cultivating an environment for growth and achievement.


We work closely with our growing B2B clientele and members base to develop powerful softwares and business solutions through a continuous development cycle, setting new standards of technology, performance, and customer service.


To empower and connect the HRD International Associates, buyers, vendors and contractors by establishing a network between start-ups, small, medium and large sized businesses or companies to the customers. To bring knowledge and expertise at a practical, affordable level for all industry professionals.

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